Tessa Lena is an artist, philosopher, writer, and composer living in the East Village of New York.

As a kid, she got to perform her compositions at the Moscow Conservatory.

When she was old enough for serious adventures, she went Tibet where she conducted a study in linguistics and ethnomusicology.

After being attacked by a sex trafficker in China and successfully fighting him off, Tessa moved to Chicago.

In Chicago, being away from home and forced to be practical in the unfamiliar, dog-eat-dog world, she learned how to code, got a job at a big corporation, and foolishly tried to become a normal corporate citizen. But some things are not meant to be!

In her quest for normalcy, she married an abusive lawyer. Her exploration-driven attempt to be a good suburban American consumer was sincere, but it turned into a nightmare, and was shattered when her husband had her arrested as a suspicious immigrant and an alleged Russian spy – in hopes of getting her silenced, deported, and his legal license protected – despite his abuse.

After a month in jail and several years of exhausting and financially taxing lawsuits, Tessa cleared her case – and without receiving a single word apology from the law enforcement for being wrongfully arrested and incarcerated, she simply moved on, feeling calmer and stronger than ever, and forever grateful to the community that supported her throughout the nightmarish experience.

Until recently, it made for a decent dramatic story, but now, we wake up to stories like that every day. Everybody is either a Russian spy or a very suspicious immigrant! Yikes.

All that brought Tessa back to her original purpose, music. She co-founded an art gallery in Chicago where she hosted exhibitions and music performances, started an experimental band, and got to work with her childhood idol, the brilliant Ian McDonald of King Crimson.

Shortly after, Tessa moved to her favorite city, New York, where she embarked on a new musical project, Tessa Makes Love.  In her art, she explores the heights and the abysses of the human experience in the age of the indifferent digital conveyor.

Tessa is involved in the musicians’ rights movement, and writes regularly on Tessa Fights Robots.

She has been featured in a documentary about her adventures, and on Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human.

She believes in the power of patience and compassion.

Vulnerable Win is the result of Tessa’s lifelong desire to build bridges and help people be real and talk to each other without fear.